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Watsan Natural Water Purifiers are built using state-of the art nano-technology filter medium derived out of natural siliceous and earthern ingredients and is licensed by IMMT (CSIR – Council of Science and Industrial Research) Institute  with the trademark name Terafil (TM, C) and is approved by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) India.


  • Removes fluoride,  meeting IS 10500 standards.
  • Electricity free
  • Zero water wastage
  • Retains all essential minerals and salts needed for the body
  • Rinse, clean and maintain the nano-clay candles, no other maintenance necessary, life long performance!
  • Approved and accredited by 4 premier institutions of GOI: DST, CSIR(IMMT), CIPET and IIT Madras.

Watsan Fluoride water purifier

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